The Dullaghans and the Smiths

About the Rocky Card

Founded in 2007, the Rocky Card is has become the “retail standard” for customer loyalty in Estes Park. It provides small-business owners with a cost-effective means of promoting their businesses while giving back to the community by helping to fund local charities.  A recent survey of retail merchants concluded that the Rocky Card has improved sales, gained customer awareness, and provided local charities with much-needed funds.

Debra Dullaghan and Anne Smith have been the force behind the Rocky Card from the beginning. In 2010, Anne moved from Estes Park but remained fully involved with the Rocky Card. While she still loves the Rocky Card and what it provides to the Estes Park Community, Anne has decided to pursue philanthropic endeavors closer to home in Fort Collins.

Debra has lived in Colorado for more than 20 years and currently resides in Estes Park. She has created, funded, grown, and exited extraordinary businesses for more than 20 years.  She is thrilled to be funneling her energy into an organization that not only helps small businesses, but is focused on giving back to the local community in a major way.

 The Rocky Card would not be possible without the support of the card’s incredible promotional partners: Estes Park News, Hobert Office Services, EPTV, Reel Mountain Theater, Estes Park Mountain Shop, and The Village Store.